2 new & unique


You are the Detective!

"Kidnapped" in the Haunted Mystery Corn Maze and

"The Pirate's Lair" in the Escape Room in the cornfield 

Open every Friday and Saturday night at 6:30 pm

September 29 through October 28, plus Halloween night (Oct. 31)  

Admission (incl. tax): $11 per person for one adventure; $20 per person for both adventures.

Tickets available at the St. Jordan Creek Winery Tasting Room ~ No Reservations needed 

Last ticket sale at 9:00 pm. for that evening's adventures

Youth Groups



                                              "The  Pirate's Lair"

          a  15 min.  Escape Room 

a Missouri Farmgate Winery



                          "KIDNAPPED" in the

                           Mystery Corn Maze

Family Fun

Girls' Night Out


In"Kidnapped," this year's Haunted Mystery Maze Adventure, pirates have kidnapped the fair maiden, Lady ButterCup. YOU ARE THE DETECTIVE and the game is afoot.  You must wander through the paths in our cornfield, searching for evidence to determine which pirate kidnapped her, with what weapon and on what island in the sea of corn.  There are CLUES at every stop along the way. You will need sturdy shoes, a stout heart, a flashlight and keen powers of observation and deduction, befitting a detective, to solve the mystery.

In "The Pirates' Lair," our new Escape Room Adventure, you and up to 7 others will enter the pirates' hideout in a large tent, looking for enough evidence to bring the scurvy dog who kidnapped the fair lady ButterCup, and his band of men to justice.  You have only 15 minutes to search for 5 items hidden in their lair and seize them as evidence for the Vice-Admiralty Court, before the pirates return. If you don't get out when time runs out, there may be unspeakable consequences.  Remember the pirate's creed:  Dead Men Tell No Tales.