Job Description:  Part-time actor to work in the corn maze and escape tents. Job is for 11 nights:  Friday and Saturday nights from 6-10 PM. starting Sept. 29 through October, plus Halloween night .  Actor will lead groups to the Escape Tent with an Introduction similar to the audition script and then usher them out when their time is up and reset the tent for the next group to enter. Sometimes actor may be required to wander through the maze and scare customers.  Must be at least 18 years old and be reliable.  Pay is $9 per hour, plus tips, plus a $100 performance bonus at the end of the Halloween season for perfect job attendance.  Pirate Costume provided. You must provide your own long black pants and comfortable shoes.  This is a very physically active job that requires a lot of walking outside and being on your feet for 4 hours in character each evening, interacting with the public (like IMPROV).  Must be able to help set-up and cover-up outside sets as needed during the 4 hours each evening.  Good personal hygiene is important since each actor will be closely interacting with the public.  No smoking or drinking on the job.

Audition SCRIPT for male or female

August 30, 2017  7PM at the winery

"My name is __________________.  I am the assistant to the Commissioner of the Vice-Admiralty Court of England in Port Royale, empowered under the PIRACY ACT of 1698 to do all things necessary to capture, try and execute pirates, wherever they may be found in the world.

I have been investigating the kidnapping of Lady Elizabeth “Buttercup” Swann for weeks.  Eyewitnesses reported that a band of evil pirates kidnapped the young and beautiful Lady Buttercup Swann, off His Majesty’s Ship, the HMS Black Raven, while she was visiting her father, who is the Captain of the ship.  I received a ransom note demanding that 5 Pieces of Eight be paid tonight or Lady Buttercup will walk the plank when the clock strikes 12.  We are going to try to double cross the pirates and steal the ransom from their lair and then give it back to them to save Buttercup.

I am beseeching you to help me by entering their lair tonight while they are away at the St. Jordan Creek Inn down the road having a drink.  It is imperative that you find 5 Pieces of Eight and 4 other items that belonged to Buttercup that can be used as evidence to convict them before they return to their tent.

You risk unspeakable consequences if you are found in their hideout. You will only have 10 minutes to enter the pirate’s lair, find 5 pieces of eight, Buttercup’s oriental fan, her coin purse, her boot and her Passport and then get out of the Pirate's lair before they return.  For your own safety, you must act quickly, be clever and never reveal to anyone how you found the evidence to convict the scurvy dogs. Remember, under the pirate code, Dead Men Tell No Tales."

a Missouri Farmgate Winery