a Missouri Farmgate Winery


Job Application for Part-time Actor at St. Jordan Creek Winery 2017 Season


Name: ________________________________________________________________________________________


Mailing Address:  ____________________________________________________________________________



E-Mail Address:  _____________________________________________________________________________


Phone: ________________________________________________________________________________________


Are you at least18 years old?  Y    N


Can you work every Friday and Saturday night from 6 pm -10 pm starting Sept. 29 through October plus Halloween Night  (11 nights total)?   Y    N


Can you provide your own comfortable low heeled, closed toed footwear and long black pants  (and long underwear if it is unseasonably cold) to go with the Pirate Costume the Winery will provide for your performances?   Y   N


Are you willing and able to apply face make-up to enhance your role?  Y   N


Do you have reliable transportation to get to and from the winery if you are hired?  Y    N


Are you an American citizen or do you have verifiable legal immigration status if you are not a citizen?   Y    N


Do you believe you can IMPROV with the attendees to enhance their LIVE Adventure in the Maze and Escape Tents?   Y    N


This job will require you to be on your feet, in character, for 4 straight hours.  Do you think you have the stamina to do this job?    Y   N


Employees at St. Jordan Creek are not allowed to smoke or drink alcohol while on the job.  Will this be a problem for you?   Y   N


Have you ever been convicted or pled guilty to a misdemeanor or felony?  Y   N


 Have you ever played a commercial Escape Room game?  Y   N

Are you willing and able to reset props in the Escape tents as part of your job?  Y  N